Национальный Стандарт

It is very difficult to write about something primordially Russian. It seems everyone knows-bears, balalaika, vodka. The whole world knows these cliches and nobody knows the Russian soul. Even reading Dostoyevsky does not help. But that’s worth at least once for a drink … But it’s too cliché, alas.

The fact of the matter is that any of the expensive Russian heart images causes a chain of associations coming from the depth of centuries and leading eventually to the self-identification of the nation. Here’s to you and elements of the national idea, and one of the spiritual skrepov society!

We believe our vodka “national standard” not only gastronomic fact among their own kind, but cultural and historical fenomenon, reflects the fusion of philosophy and practice of Russian life.

And here’s why …


Grand & mystic region, the pearl of Siberia, the great source of the Russian Empire treasures. Not in vain the Altai lands were never transferred to private ownership and kept for ‘lobbies’, that was meant state ones. May be, sovereigns & rulers did know about Shambala, a country of immortals, situating in the Altai? Or the axe of the world really passes here according to a statement of the great painter & traveler Nikolai Roerich?

You will believe in that when you will breath infused needle scent of venerable cedars, will see ripen golden wheat in endless fields lasting to the horizon, underlined with a break of white mountains, will drink some purest water from a spring, beginning in those very mountains!
Not in vain for its pristine ecology, fantastic beauty of landscapes, amazing flora & fauna in 1998 these reservation areas have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List under the name of ‘Golden Altai Mountains’.

What else to say! Even appearing of vodka in the Altai is covered with legends & riddles.


13 September 1867 G.T.Bad’in, an Altain merchant of the Second guild, was given a patent that permitted to build a distilling factory as well as he was given some state lands at the banks of the Itkul river. Why? Russia was lack of distilling factories, while bread vine (vodka) was already known in Europe. They say a completely stranger merchant was honoured to get Alexander II the Emperor’s personal audience. The full conversation is unknown for certain, but, perhaps, the merchant told Emperor an ancient recipe of vodka that belonged to the merchant’s family and that has become the ‘National Standard’ of today.

Since those times the Itkulsky Alcohol factory is the most leading one in the field. Its vodka was supplied to His Imperial Majesty’s court and drunk in the high society circles with the pleasure similar to the French champagne.



Vodka “national standard” is a unique blend of natural elements & latest technological solutions that raise the product quality to the unimagined height.

There is organic malt alcohol, purest artesian water from reserve Altai springs, alcoholic infusion from oat flavour among its ingredients. Cedar nut alcohol, which proportion is chosen properly by expert sommeliers, is added to make the vodka taste unique.

Vodka “national standard” is far more than a part of various events in Your life. It’s the event itself!

Vodka is manufactured at the Itkulsky Alcohol factory, established in the century before last, where the classic recipe has got a new life. Vodka obtains new qualities at each stage of a laborious process.
During six step distillation blending passes through a long & careful filtering by means of 10 step coal filter, at the same time being enriched with silver ions. The final filtration takes place at – 10°C to get rid of the least trait of raw oils. Classic cupper columns with quartz sand of 3 kinds for liquid to flow itself without any mechanical pressure are used for filtering.

Appearance fits to the content – a classic bottle is not only covered with luxurious decorations with platinum, gold, ceramics, cotton, unique ornament, it appears in an extraordinary look, having much in common with Russian history.
Indeed, vodka ‘National Standard’ is a new SIDE OF LUXURY, available for You here & now. The taste of Siberian spaces, authentic natural aroma mean the carefully count blend of wilderness & refinement!






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